WW1 – Enlisted Men Losses

The 1st World War came to involve 32 countries; the following are some key dates in that process;

At the outbreak of war in August 1914 the Grenadier Guards consisted of just three battalions, and the regiment moved quickly in forming a 4th battalion. The 4th battalion became known as the service battalion and a 5th ‘reserve’ Battalion was then formed, and used for ceremonial duties in London and Windsor.

The 2nd Battalion arrived in France early in August 1914, with the 1st Battalion arriving in Belgium in October. They were involved in the early stages of the fighting during the period known as the ‘Race to the Sea’ and were significantly involved during the 1st Battle of Ypres, during October and November 1914. 

Grenadier Guard Reservists queue to re-enlist at Wellington Barracks
(c. August 1914) -Courtesy of CWGC.

During February 1915 a fifth Guards regiment was raised which became known as The Welsh Guards, sometimes referred to as the ‘Foreign Legion’. This was in recognition to the significant contribution that Welshmen had made, to The Grenadier Guards. In August 1918 Lord Kitchener’s vision of a ‘Guards Division’ became a reality consisting of three brigades each with four battalions. The Grenadier Guards were involved in many significant battles including; Arras, Cambrai, Hindenburg Line, and the Somme.

The following documents list the fallen alphabetically, by Surname:- ‘A’‘B’‘C’‘D’‘E’‘F’‘G’‘H’‘I’‘J’‘K’‘L’‘M’‘N’‘O’‘P’‘Q’‘R’‘S’‘T’U’‘V’‘W’‘X’‘Y’‘Z’.